Brett Lewis

Hometown: Marion, Illinois

Major and year: Parks, Recreation and Sport, Sophomore

Activities, Clubs and Orgs: CAFNR Ambassador, Beta Theta Pi, Ducks Unlimited, STUMO

Personal Pronouns: he/him

Why did you want to become a CAFNR Ambassador? I wanted to help people discover what it means to be a part of CAFNR, and just how great of a fit this college can be for the right students!

What has been your favorite part of your degree program so far? My favorite part of my degree so far is the diverse work field, there are so many different career paths that come with what I study. The professor involvement in career aspects has been nothing but well above par.

Best place for a snack or coffee? Lakota Coffee

Dream career? Landscape Architect for the National Park System

What do you love about CAFNR? I love the family feel that I have in CAFNR, as someone who has been in a different school and transferred in, there is no tight knit community like ours.

What advice do you have for incoming students? Keep trying different things and don’t be scared to fail! Identity comes from trial and tribulations!