Zachary Leasor, PhD

Assistant Professor

Climate Science

Contact Information

Phone 573-882-5908
Address 320 Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building
Website Missouri Climate Center


  • PhD, 2021, Geography, The Ohio State University
  • MA, 2017, Geography, The Ohio State University
  • BS, 2015, Meteorology, Western Kentucky University


  • Hydroclimatology
  • Drought Monitoring
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Seasonal Forecasting

Selected Publications

Yuan, S., Quiring, S.M., and Z.T. Leasor (2021): Historical changes in soil moisture over the contiguous United States: an assessment of CMIP6. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(1), 1-9,

Leasor, Z.T., Quiring, S.M., and M.D. Svoboda (2020): Utilizing Objective Drought Severity Thresholds to Improve Drought Monitoring. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 59, 455-475,

Ford, T.W., Quiring, S.M., Zhao, C., Leasor, Z.T., and C. Landry (2020): Triple Collocation Evaluation of In Situ Soil Moisture Observations from 1,200+ Stations as part of the U.S. National Soil Moisture Network. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 21(11), 2537-2549,

Tian, L., Leasor, Z.T., and S.M. Quiring (2020): Developing a new drought index: Precipitation Evapotranspiration Difference Condition Index. Climate Risk Management, 29, 1-17,

Leasor, Z.T., Quiring, S.M., Ford, T.W., and D.B. McRoberts (2019): Spatiotemporal variations in temperature persistence in the south-central United States. Climate Research, 77, 181-192,