Todd Lorenz, PhD

Regional Field Specialist in Agronomy

MU Extension

Contact Information

Phone 660-882-5661
Address Cooper County Extension Center, 510 Jackson Rd, Boonville, MO 65233


  • PhD 2017, Plant, Insect, and Microbial Science: Emphasis in Soil Health for Improved Food Securities – University of Missouri

Research Summary

Lorenz is a Regional Field Specialist in Agronomy with University of Missouri Extension. He is a believer of the 1914 Extension delivery model with a multidisciplinary collaboration of campus and field faculty and strengthening partnerships with state, federal and private agencies involving producers as part of the equation. In absence of a local experiment station, he has led a collaborative group of Extension Field Specialists where they have conducted on-farm research and field days to improve understanding of soil health and its value in production systems and contribute to the nationwide interest.

In a previous role, Lorenz served the University of Missouri Soils Department and conducted state wide soil fertility and forage fertility research for the Missouri Agriculture Experiment Station. His responsibilities included management of historical Sanborn Field (the grandfather of soil health) and the F.L. Duley-M.F. Miller Soil Erosion Plots (the grandfather of RUSLE). He currently serves on the advisory board. He also serves as the University of Missouri Extension representative to the State Soil Health Council.

Selected Publications

  • Mott, R., Lorenz, T., & Britt-Rankin, J. 2020. An Internship Model to Prepare Undergraduates for Agriculture and Food Research Careers. Submitted to Journal of Extension November 2019.
  • Veum, K. S., Lorenz, T., & Kremer, R. J. (2019). Phospholipid fatty acid profiles of soils under variable handling and storage conditions. Agronomy Journal, 111(3), 1090–1096.
  • Veum, K. S., Lorenz, T., & Kremer, R. J. (2018). Microbial community structure in Missouri prairie soils. Missouri Prairie Journal, 39(3&4), 18–20.
  • Lorenz, T. E. (2017). Soil health for improved food securities (Doctoral dissertation in Plant, Insect and Microbial Science). University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.
  • Brejda, J. J., Brown, J. R., Lorenz, T. E., Henry, J. & Lowry, S. R. (1997). Variations in eastern gamagrass forage yield with environments, harvest, and nitrogen rates. Agronomy Journal, 89, 702–706.
  • Brejda, J. J., Brown, J. R., Asplund, J. M., Lorenz, T. E., Reid, J. L., & Henry, J. (1996). Eastern gamagrass silage fermentation characteristics and quality under different nitrogen rates. Journal of Production Agriculture, 7, 477–482.
  • Brejda, J. J., Brown, J. R., Lorenz, T. E., Henry, J., Reid, J. L., & Lowry, S. R. (1996). Eastern gamagrass response to different harvest intervals and nitrogen rates in northern Missouri. Journal of Production Agriculture, 9, 130–135.
  • Lorenz, T. E. (1996). Wheat management for red clover establishment (master’s thesis). University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.
  • Jordan, D., Miles, R. J., Hubbard, V. C., & Lorenz, T. (2003). Effects of management practices and cropping systems on earthworm abundance and microbial activity in Sanborn Field: A 115-year-old agricultural field. Pedobiologia. International Journal of Soil Biology, 48, 99–110.