Stephen H. Anderson, PhD

William A. Albrecht Distinguished Professor of Soil and Environmental Sciences

Environmental Soil Physics and Hydrology

Adjunct Professor

Plant Sciences

Undergraduate Degree Program Coordinator

School of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Phone 573-882-6303
Address 302 Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building


  • Ph.D. 1985, North Carolina State University


  • Soil physics, vadose zone hydrology, X-ray tomography of soil systems

Research Description

Anderson’s primary research interests include evaluation of soil management effects on soil hydraulic properties, development of X-ray computed tomography and microtomography techniques for assessment of pore-scale soil properties and processes, and utilizing simulation models to evaluate effectiveness of conservation practices at the watershed scale. Soil properties evaluated with X-ray tomography include macropore and mesopore size distributions and characteristics, pore continuity, and pore tortuosity — all critically important for transport of water, air and solutes in soil systems. Image analysis techniques are applied to quantify pore-scale variability of biopores.


  • Environmental Science/Civil Engineering 3250, Pollutant Fate and Transport
  • Environmental Science/Soil Science 4305/7305, Environmental Soil Physics
  • Environmental Science/Soil Science 4306/7306, Environmental Soil Physics Laboratory
  • Environmental Science/Natural Resources 4320/7320, Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling
  • Biological Engineering 4350/7350/Civil Engineering 4720/7720, Watershed Modeling Using GIS
  • Biological Engineering 8250, Water Management Theory
  • Environmental Science/Soil Science 8400, Transport in the Vadose Zone
  • Plant Science 4355/7355, Advanced Turfgrass Management

Selected Publications

  • Alagele, S.M., S. Jose, S.H. Anderson, and R.P. Udawatta.  2021.  Hydraulic lift:  Processes, methods, and practical implications for society.  Agroforestry Systems  95:641-657.
  • Singh, N., S. Kumar, R.P. Udawatta, S.H. Anderson, L.W. De Jongeand, and S. Katuwal. 2021.  X-ray micro-computed tomography characterized soil pore network as influenced by long-term application of manure and fertilizer.  Geoderma 385:Article114872:1-8.
  • Singh, N., S. Kumar, R.P. Udawatta, S.H. Anderson, L.W. DeJonge, and S. Katuwal.  2021.  Grassland conversion to croplands impacted soil pore parameters measured using X-ray computed tomography.  Soil Science Society of America Journal 85:73-84.
  • Alagele, S.M., S.H. Anderson, and R.P. Udawatta.  2020.  Agroforestry, grass, biofuel crop, and row-crop management effects on soil water dynamics for claypan landscapes.  Soil Science Society of America Journal  84:203-219.
  • Alagele, S.M., S.H. Anderson, R.P. Udawatta, K.S. Veum, and L.M. Rankoth.  2020.  Long-term perennial management and cropping effects on soil microbial biomass for claypan watersheds.  Agronomy Journal  112:815-827.
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