Robert Kremer, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Plant Sciences

Contact Information

Phone 573-882-6408
Address 302 Anhueser-Bush Natural Resources Building

B.S., Agronomy, University of Missouri
M.S., Soil Science, University of Missouri
Ph.D., Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry, Mississippi State University

Robert Kremer is an adjunct professor of soil science in both the Division of Plant Science and the Department of Soil, Environmental & Atmospheric Sciences. He retired in July 2014 from USDA-ARS after serving as a research microbiologist for 32 years with the Cropping Systems and Water Quality research unit in Columbia, MO. Specific research interests include assessment of microorganisms and insects for biological weed control and integration of these organisms with cultural practices such as cover cropping and allelopathy; dynamics of weed seeds in soils and interactions with soil microorganisms; weed seedling ecology and pesticide fates in soil; and impacts of transgenic crops on soil ecology and biological processes. He teaches Environmental Soil Microbiology and co-teaches Advanced Weed Science and Advanced Sustainable Agriculture.