Richard P. Guyette, PhD

Research Professor Emeritus


Contact Information

Phone 573-882-7741
Address 203 Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building


  • Ph.D. 1991, University of Missouri-Columbia


  • Dendrochronology and tree ring chemistry.

Research Summary

  • Guyette’s research involves the use of tree rings for monitoring tree growth and the environment. Currently he is working in several areas of dendrochronology. These include: determining pre-settlement fire frequency in oak-pine forests, reconstructing long-term climatic records from annual growth increments of eastern red cedar, and using calcium concentrations in tree rings as a transpiration variable.


  • Dendrochronology
  • Dendroecology

Selected Publications

  • Guyette, R.P., M.A. Spetich, and M.C. Stambaugh. 2006.
    Historic fire regime dynamics and forcing factors in the Boston Mountains, Arkansas, USA. Forest ecology and management. 234:293-304.
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  • Shlisky, A.J., R.P. Guyette, and K.C. Ryan. 2005.
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  • Muzika, R.M. and R.P. Guyette. 2004.
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