Prakash Arelli, PhD

Supervisory Research Geneticist (Plants)


Adjunct Professor

Plant Science & Technology

Contact Information

Phone 731-425-4741
Address USDA-ARS-MSA, Crop Genetics Research Unit, Jackson, TN
Website Prakash Arelli at USDA-ARS

B.S., Agriculture, Osmania University
M.S., Agriculture, A. P. Agricultual University
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Prakash Arelli is the supervisory research geneticist, lead scientist, worksite coordinator and soybean breeder developing soybean germplasm for its broad resistance to soybean cyst nematode. He is identifying new sources of nematode resistance in both cultivated soybean and its wild relatives.

His methodology includes mapping of resistance genes, marker assisted selection and traditional breeding for improving soybean.