Patrick S. Market, PhD


School of Natural Resources


School of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Phone 573-882-1496
Address 103 Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building
Website Google Scholar


  • B.S. 1994, Millersville Univ. of Penn., Earth Science (Meteorology)
  • M.S.(R) 1996, St. Louis University, Meteorology
  • Ph.D. 1999, St. Louis University, Meteorology

Research Summary

  • Areas of interest are in synoptic and mesoscale dynamics. In particular, the morphology and evolution of extratropical cyclones, jet streak-frontal interactions, heavy rainfall and snowfall forecasting and precipitation efficiency are primary research areas. Related interests include aviation meteorology and severe local storms. Those areas of study wherein a significant impact may be made on the operational weather forecasting process are of greatest interest.


  • ATMS-1100, Introductory Meteorology
  • ATMS-4710, Synoptic Meteorology I
  • ATMS-4720, Synoptic Meteorology II
  • ATMS-4990, Daily Weather Analysis and Forecast Interpretation
  • ATMS-7050, Fundamentals of Meteorology
  • ATMS-7400, Micrometeorology
  • ATMS-7350, Mesoscale Meteorology and Dynamics
  • ATMS-8700, Adv. Synoptic Meteorology
  • ATMS-8800, Numerical Weather Prediction

Selected Publications

  • Market, P.S., S. M. Rochette, J. Shewchuk, R. Difani, J.S. Kastman, C. B. Henson, N.I. Fox, 2017:  Evaluating elevated convection with the downdraft convective inhibition.  Atmospheric Science Letters. DOI: 10.1002/asl.727
  • Kastman, J.S, A. Foscato, P.S. Market, and N.I. Fox, 2017:  Lightning and rainfall characteristics in elevated vs surface based convection in the Midwest that produce heavy rainfall.  Atmosphere, 8, 36. doi:10.3390 /atmos8020036
  • Kastman, J.S, P.S. Market, S.M. Rochette, and A.R. Lupo, 2017:  Assessing upper tropospheric jet streak proximity using the Rossby radius of deformation.  Atmosphere, 8, 2.  doi:10.3390 /atmos8010002
  • Henson, C. B., P. S. Market, A. R. Lupo, and P. E. Guinan, 2016:  Climate variability and PDO modulated ENSO events impacting regional Missouri crop yields.  International Journal of Biometeorology. doi:10.1007/s00484-016-1263-3
  • Neto, G. D, P. S. Market, A. B. Pezza, P. L. da Silva Dias, L. Calvetti, G. C. J. Escobar, 2015:  Thundersnow in Brazil: the likely event of July 2013. Atmospheric Science Letters,  doi:  10.1002/asl.594
  • Crandall, K., P. S. Market, A. R. Lupo, R. Tillott, L. McCoy, and J. Abraham, 2015:  The application of diabatic heating in Q-vectors for the study of a North American cyclone event.  Advances in Meteorology, Article ID 269709.
  • Rauber, R. M., J. Wegman, D.M. Plummer, A.A. Rosenow, M. Peterson, G. McFarquhar, B.F. Jewett, D. Leon, P. S. Market, K. R. Knupp, J. M. Keeler, S. Battaglia, 2014:  Stability and charging characteristics of the comma-head region of continental winter cyclones.  J. Atmos.Sci.71, 1559-1582.  doi:10.1175/JAS-D-13-0253.1
  • Market, P.S., S.M. Rochette, and A. R. Lupo, 2013:  A comparison of modern and historical methods for calculating Montgomery Steamfunction. Atmospheric Science Letters14, 41-44.  doi:  10.1002/asl.414
  • Market, P.S., K. Crandall, and R. Rauber, 2012:  High-resolution rawinsonde observations of the cold-sector precipitation regions in transient mid-latitude extratropical cyclones.  National Weather Digest36(1), 3-8.