Nichole Anderson, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor

Animal Sciences Research Center

Contact Information

Phone 573-882-6584
Address S103C Animal Sciences Research Center

Animal Welfare and Behavior

B.S., North Dakota State University
M.S., North Dakota State University
Ph.D., Purdue University

Teaching Assignments
AnSc 1164/1165 Biology of Animal Production 1; Summer Offering
AnSc 2116 Animal Welfare Evaluation
AnSc 2146 Introduction to Animal Behavior
AnSc 3010 Graduate Experience Program
AnSc 4436 Animal Welfare
AnSc 4437 Stress Physiology

Research Interests
Dr. Anderson’s research interests include animal welfare and behavior. She believes in using animal behavior, physiology, and the animal’s affective state to evaluate an animal’s overall welfare. With a focus towards student learning, Dr. Anderson is interested in improving student experience using technology in the classroom. She also actively engages in conversations and research regarding student inclusivity and diversity in the undergraduate science experience. Her hobbies include sewing clothing, running, and traveling.

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