Neil I. Fox, PhD


Atmospheric Science

Contact Information

Phone 573-882-2144
Address 332 Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building


  • Post-graduate certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 2001, University of Salford
  • Ph.D. 1998, University of Salford, Atmospheric Science
  • M.Phil. 1995, University of Reading, Meteorology
  • B.Sc. 1988, University of Manchester, Physics


  • Fox’s research has a number of threads which include:
    • The use of radar in the estimation and very short-period forecasting (nowcasting) of rainfall.
    • The representation of rainfall in models of runoff, soil detachment and stream flow.
    • Observation of winds at heights of interest to wind energy development and their relationship to the characteristics of the low-level jet.


  • ATMS 1050: Introductory Meteorology
  • ATMS 1110: Introduction to Atmospheric Science
  • ATMS 2720: Weather Briefing
  • ATMS 4400: Micrometeorology
  • ATMS 4510: Remote Sensing for Atmospheric Science and Natural Resources
  • ATMS 4590: Radar Meteorology
  • ATMS 4990: Daily Analysis and Forecasting
  • ATMS 8500: Radiation in the Atmosphere
  • ATMS 8550: Nowcasting

Selected Publications:

  • Lack, S.A., and N.I. Fox, 2006.
    Quantifying the effect of wind drift on radar-derived surface rainfall estimations. Atmospheric Research (in press).
  • Micheas, A., N.I. Fox, S.A. Lack and C.K. Wikle, 2006.
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