Mitch D. Weegman, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

School of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Phone 573-882-3537
Address 203I Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building


  • Ph.D., 2014, University of Exeter

Research Summary

  • Weegman’s research interests are primarily focused on understanding how individual and population processes drive variation in the abundance of animals, whereby individual-level data form the basis for understanding animal behavior and decision-making as well as population dynamics, through compilation of capture histories and population survey information. Researchers in Weegman’s lab utilize novel methods, including Bayesian integrated population models and hybrid GPS/acceleration tracking devices, to address fundamental and applied questions in animal ecology. Current projects include 1) better understanding the causes and consequences of variation in life histories of long-distance migrant birds in North America and Europe, 2) study of environmental drivers of population change in migratory and resident birds in North America, and 3) metapopulation modeling of overabundant birds in the Canadian Arctic.


  • Animal Population Dynamics and Management
  • Ornithology
  • Quantitative Ecology

Selected Publications

  • Hooten, M. B., H. R. Scharf, T. J. Hefley, A. T. Pearse, and M. D. Weegman. 2018. Animal movement models for migratory individuals and groups. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 00:1-14.
  • Weegman, M. D. 2018. Improving population-level inference through study of avian life histories with integrated population models. Auk.
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  • Weegman, M. D., A. D. Fox, G. M. Hilton, D. J. Hodgson, A. J. Walsh, L. R. Griffin, and S. Bearhop. 2017. Diagnosing the decline of the Greenland white-fronted goose Anser albifrons flavirostris using population and individual level techniques. Wildfowl 67:3-18.
  • Weegman, M. D., S. Bearhop, G. M. Hilton, A. J. Walsh, L. Griffin, H. Resheff, R. Nathan, and A. D. Fox. 2017. Using accelerometry to compare costs of extended migration in an Arctic herbivore. Current Zoology 63:667-674.
  • Weegman, M. D., T. W. Arnold, R. D. Dawson, D. W. Winkler, and R. G. Clark. 2017. Integrated population models reveal local weather conditions are the key drivers of population dynamics in an aerial insectivore. Oecologia 185:119-130.
  • Weegman, M. D., S. Bearhop, G. M. Hilton, A. J. Walsh, and A. D. Fox. 2016. Conditions during adulthood affect cohort-specific reproductive success in an Arctic-nesting goose population. PeerJ 4:e2044.
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  • Weegman, M. D., R. M. Kaminski, G. Wang, M. L. Schummer, A. W. Ezell, and T. Leininger. 2010. Sweep-net sampling acorns in forested wetlands. Journal of Wildlife Management 74:1931-1933.
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