Leszek Vincent, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Plant Science & Technology

Contact Information

Email Leszek@missouri.edu


BSc, Rhodes University, South Africa
BSc (Honours), Rhodes University, South Africa
MSc, University of Natal, South Africa
PhD, University of Natal, South Africa


Leszek Vincent has research interests in Medicinal Plant Science (Pharmacognosy) and enjoys facilitating and contributing to interdisciplinary collaborative research with colleagues on the MU campus and elsewhere involving medicinal plants. Much of this medicinal plant research is focused on plant species indigenous to southern Africa but also includes North American species. The biochemistry of terpenoids (essential oils) is of particular interest. A major focus of these collaborations involves evidence-based research of the medicinal properties of various medicinal plants that have a long history of human use. This research is firmly built upon a long-standing career in Plant Systematics (Taxonomy). The systematics of the awesome Asteraceae (Compositae) family (daisies) is his prime interest, especially the systematics of the cosmopolitan genus Senecio. Vincent enjoys teaching plant science topics and mentoring graduate students.