Kelly Wilson, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

School of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Address 232 Agricultural Engineering Building
Websites Center for Regenerative Agriculture
Google Scholar


  • PhD 2019, Agricultural Communications, Education, and Leadership
  • MSc 2016, University of California, Davis, International Agriculture Development
  • BSc 2009, Cultural Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


  • Agriculture and Food Systems
  • Sustainability
  • Food Security
  • International Agricultural Development
  • Intersectionality
  • Participatory Research and Farmer-driven Solutions

Research Description

Wilson is an interdisciplinary researcher whose work focuses on creating resilient and equitable agriculture and food systems. She conducts participatory research with populations across the agricultural value chain to generate innovative solutions to complex global challenges in food security. Wilson has over a decade of experience working with farmers, communities and extension agents in the U.S. and sub-Saharan Africa.

Selected Publications

  • Wilson, K. R., Myers, R. L., Hendrickson, M. K., & Heaton, E. A. (2022). Different Stakeholders’ Conceptualizations and Perspectives of Regenerative Agriculture Reveals More Consensus Than Discord. Sustainability, 14(22), 15261.
  • Wilson, K. R., Roskill, O. M., & Mahr, J. (2022). Mutual aid using digital technology: a case study of virtual community organizing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Community Practice, 30(3), 255-278.
  • Wilson, K. R. (2021). Who reaps the benefits? Exploring access and social exclusion among village chicken producers in Kenya. Gender, Place & Culture28(8), 1196-1200.
  • Wilson, K. R., Rodriguez, M. T., & Hattey, J. A. (2019). Making It Matter Before, During, and After; The Impact of a Nicaragua Study Abroad Trip For First-Year Undergraduate Students. NACTA Journal, 63(1A), 52-59.
  • Wilson, K. R., & Rodriguez, M. T. (2019). Resettled Refugees and Food Insecurity in the US; Exploring the Caseworker’s Role. Journal of Social Service Research, 45(3), 382-389.
  • Wilson, K. R., Kelly, T. R., Bunn, D., & Zhou, H. (2018). Key criteria and model for implementing a sustainable chicken breeding and distribution program for smallholder poultry producers. Livestock Research for Rural Development. LRRD.