Joanna Whittier, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

Fisheries and Wildlife

Contact Information

Phone 573-884-7553
Address 203P Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building


  • Ph.D., 2001, Oklahoma State University


  • Landscape ecology, species conservation, GIS applications.

Selected Publications

  • Stambaugh, M.C., R.P. Guyette, E.D. Stroh, M.A. Struckhoff, and J.B. Whittier. 2018. Future changes in southcentral U.S. wildfire probability due to climate change. Climate Change.
  • Whitney, J.E., J. Whittier, C. Paukert, J. Olden, and A. Strecker. 2017. Forecasted range shifts of arid-land fishes in response to climate change. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. DOI 10.1007/s11160-017-9479-9.
  • Whitney, J., J. Whittier, and C. Paukert. 2017. Environmental niche models for riverine desert fishes and their similarity according to phylogeny and functionality. Ecosphere 8(1):e01659. DOI 10.1002/ecs2.1658.
  • Wagner, T., S. Midway, J. Whittier, J. DeWeber, and C. Paukert. 2017. Annual changes in seasonal river water temperatures in the eastern and western United States. Water 9(2):90; DOI 10.3390/w9020090.
  • Whittier, J., N. Sievert, A. Loftus, J.M. Defilippi, R.M. Krogman, J. Ojala, T. Litts, J. Kopaska, and N. Eiden. 2016. Leveraging big data for big databases to answer big questions. Fisheries 41:417-419.
  • Guyette, R.P., F.R. Thompson, J.B. Whittier, M.C. Stambaugh, and D.C. Dey. 2014. Future fire probability modeling with climate change data and physical chemistry. Forest Science 60:862-870.
  • Deweber, T., Y. Tsang, D., Kruger, J. Whittier, D. Infante, T. Wagner, and G. Whelan. 2014. Importance of understanding landscape biases in USGS gage locations: implications and solutions for managers. Fisheries 39:155-163.
  • Strecker, A.L., J.D. Olden, J.B. Whittier, and C.P. Paukert. 2011. Defining conservation priorities for freshwater fishes according to taxonomic, functional, and phylogenetic diversity. Ecological Applications 21:3002-3013.
  • Jeffress, M.R., C.P. Paukert, J.B. Whittier, B.K. Sandercock, and P.S. Gibson. 2011. Scale-dependent factors affecting North American river otter distribution in the Midwest. American Midland Naturalist 166:177-193.
  • Paukert, C.P., K.L. Pitts, J.B. Whittier, and J.D. Olden. 2011. Development and assessment of a landscape-scale ecological threat index for the Lower Colorado River Basin.  Ecological Indicators 11:304–310.
  • Pool, T.K., J.D. Olden, J.B. Whittier, and C.P. Paukert. 2010. Environmental drivers of fish functional diversity and composition in the Lower Colorado River Basin. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 67:1791-1807.