Jennifer Benne, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Plant Science & Technology

Contact Information

Phone 573-681-5120
Address Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO
Website Jennifer Benne at Lincoln University

M.S., Biology (Biochemistry), Wayne State University
Ph.D., Entomology (Enrichment in Biotechniques), Michigan State University

Dr. Benne’s current research interest is in Genetic influences on mosquito physiology and ecology. She is currently working on the Phenotypic Plasticity in Mosquito Populations: Potential for Disease Transmission.

The objectives of this project are:
Careful examination of existing populations in a small geographic region to determine cooperation and competition in habitats and hosts for mosquito species.

Utilization of a controlled laboratory setting to modify biotic and abiotic factors; including climate, population densities, resource availability and species composition, in order to collect data on developmental responses in larval mosquitoes.

Collection and maintenance of a variety of mosquito strains from varying geographic locales for observation of variation in phenotypic plasticity within and between these strains.

Phenotypic and genetic analysis of any variation among these strains from different geographic locales.

Utilization of molecular techniques to investigate possible genetic loci associated with variation.