Ingolf Gruen, PhD

Associate Professor

Food Science

Contact Information

Phone 573-882-6746
Address 246B William Stringer Wing (of Eckles Hall)


  • Ph.D. Virginia Tech.


  • Analytical chemistry with applications in food composition, flavor chemistry and the influence of food ingredients on quality attributes of foods.


  • Int DSC1001: FIG Food for the Future
  • FS 3190, Study Abroad: International Meat, Dairy, and Enology
  • FS 2199, Seminar in Professional Development
  • FS 4199, Food Industry Senior Seminar
  • FS 4310, Food Chemistry and Analysis
  • FS 4315, Food Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory
  • FS 4941, Internship
  • FS 8410, Food Chemistry II