Harley Naumann, PhD

Assistant Professor

Plant Sciences

Contact Information

Email NaumannHD@missouri.edu
Phone 573-882-9896
Address 116 Waters Hall

B.S., Animal Science, Tarleton State University
M.S., Biology, Tarleton State University
Ph.D., Agronomy, Texas A&M University

Description: Harley Naumann has a research/teaching appointment in forage physiology. His research focuses on understanding the critical physiological components of warm and cool-season forages that lead to improved forage-livestock production systems. In particular, he is interested in the production of biologically active polyphenol-based forage plant secondary metabolites and their role in plant-animal interactions. Harley’s research program also expands into the areas of forage ecology, ruminant nutrition, and cellulosic bioenergy production.

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