David L. Galat, PhD

Associate Cooperative Professor (retired)

Fisheries and Wildlife

Contact Information

Email GalatD@missouri.edu
Phone 573-882-9426
Address 302 Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building


  • Ph.D., 1982, Colorado State University


  • Large river ecology, native fish ecology and restoration ecology.

Research Summary

  • Galat’s collaborative science and education program focuses on ecology, management and restoration of large river-floodplain ecosystems. His research emphases how habitat and flow enhancement can contribute to improved recruitment of native river-floodplain fishes and other vertebrates. His science/education program encompasses three themes:
    1. Ecology and management of native, large-river fishes,
    2. Ecology and restoration of large rivers, and;
    3. Applying adaptive management to benefit large river-floodplain ecosystem science.
  • Current research and technical assistance projects include:
    • Ecology and management of native, large-river fishes – reproductive development of selected Macrhybopsis chubs in relation to environmental variables in the lower Missouri River; fish use of passage facility and seasonal wetland pools at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area; movement and habitat use of paddlefish in and near the Lower Osage River; effects of contaminants on reproductive success of shovelnose sturgeon (Co-adviser with Diana Papoulias, Ph.D.)
    • Ecology and restoration of large rivers – Assessment of Wetland Reserve Program wetland restoration efforts as measured by amphibian assemblage occupancy; assessing effectiveness of the Wetlands Reserve Program in Missouri through analysis of existing easement data and linkage to previous floodplain investigations; multi-scale analyses of historical and contemporary landscapes for best attainable ecological conditions along the Lower Missouri River; assessing the effects of conservation practices on aquatic biota of the Missouri River Basin (Co-adviser with Scott Sowa, Ph.D.)
    • Applying adaptive management to benefit large river-floodplain ecosystem science – Science support for the Upper Mississippi River System Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP); National Research Council Committee on Missouri River recovery and associated sediment management issues; Platte River Recovery Implementation Program, Independent Science Review Committee.

Selected Publications