David D. Diamond, PhD

Director, Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership

Fisheries and Wildlife

Contact Information

Email diamondd@missouri.edu
Phone 573-876-1862
Address 4200 New Haven Road, Columbia, MO 65201
Website Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership (MoRAP)


  • Ph.D., 1983, Texas A&M University


  • Conservation biology, landscape ecology, natural resource policy and management, rare species conservation.

Research Summary

  • Diamond’s research focuses on applications of GIS and Remote Sensing to natural resource management and planning. His primary expertise is in landscape ecology, but he also works on rare species ecology and management. He has worked with many government and non-profit organizations to provide needed information for practical applications.

Selected Publications

  • Diamond, D. D. and C. D. True. In Press.
    Distribution of Ashe juniper forests in the Central Texas Hill Country in relation of abioitic site type. In Ashe juniper symposium, 2004 Southwestern Association of Naturalists annual meeting. O. W. Van Auken (editor).
  • Sowa, S. P., G. Annis, M. E. Morey, and D. D. Diamond. 2007.
    A gap analysis and comprehensive conservation strategy for riverine ecosystems of Missouri. Ecological Monographs 77(3): 301-334.
  • DeBoer, T. S. and D. D. Diamond. 2006.
    Predicting presence/absence of the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler (Dendroica chrysoparia). The Southwestern Naturalist 51:181-190.
  • Diamond, D. D. and S. P. Sowa. 2005.
    Development of conservation focus area models for EPA Region 7. U.S. EPA Region 7 Report, Kansas City.
  • Diamond, D. D., C. D. True, T. M. Gordon, S. P. Sowa, W. E. Foster, and K. B. Jones. 2005.
    Influence of targets and area of assessment on perceived conservation priorities. Environmental Management. 35(2):130-137.
  • Diamond, D. D., T. D. Gordon, C. D. True, R. D. Lea, and W. E. Foster. 2003.
    An ecoregion-based conservation assessment and conservation opportunity area inventory for the Lower Midwestern USA. Natural Areas Journal 23:129-140.