Courtney L. Schultz, PhD

Adjunct Instructor

School of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Phone 262-490-2151


  • PhD, NC State University
  • MS, University of Missouri
  • BS, University of Missouri

Research Areas

  • Nature and Human Health; Outdoor Recreation; Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management

Research Summary

  • Schultz’s research focuses on the design and execution of health behavioral research across the lifespan—all with a focus on integrating nature exposure into a salutogenic healthcare approach for people and communities. She examines how leisure and outdoor recreation behaviors can be leveraged across public lands, conservation spaces, and other greenspaces to positively impact human and planetary health. This includes a focus on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure that all have the right and opportunity to benefit from nature through meaningful outdoor leisure experiences.

Selected Publications

  • Bocarro, J.N., Henderson, J., & Schultz, C.L. (In Press). Parks and health: The power of parks as a health promotion strategy. In P. Fix, L. Larson, K. Lekies, S. Park, K, Scholl, K. Tidball, & T. Stein (Eds.), The transformative power of parks. Sagamore Venture Publishing.
  • Christiana, R.W., Besenyi, G.M., Gustat, J., Horton, T.H., Penbrooke, T.L., & Schultz, C.L. (2021). A scoping review of the health benefits of nature-based physical activity. Journal of Healthy Eating and Active Living 1(3), 142-160.
  • Schultz, C.L. (2021). Workforce Development: Resource Guide and Workbook for Parks and Recreation. Ashburn, VA: National Recreation and Park Association.
  • Schultz, C.L., & Bocarro, J.N (2020). National Association of State Park Directors Health and Nature Partnership Toolkit. Raleigh, NC: National Association of State Park Directors.
  • Schultz, C.L., Bocarro, J.N., Sene-Harper, A., Lee, K., Fearn, M., & Floyd, M.F. (2019). Whose National Park Service? An examination of Relevancy, Diversity and Inclusion Programs from 2005-2016. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 37(4), 51-69.
  • Schultz, C.L., Bocarro, J.N., Hipp, J.A., Kanters, M.A., & Floyd, M.F. (2018). Thinking Outside the Pillbox: Prescribing Parks for Community-Clinical Connections and Health. NC State University, Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management. Submitted to the North Carolina Division of Public Health and the Community and Clinical Connections for Prevention and Health Branch.
  • Guo, T., Smith, J.W., Moore, R.L., & Schultz, C.L. (2017). Integrating off-site visitor education into landscape conservation and management: An examination of timing of educational messaging and compliance with low-impact hiking recommendations. Landscape and Urban Planning, 164, 25-36.
  • Schultz, C.L., Wilhelm Stanis, S.A., Sayers, S.P., Thombs, L.A., & Thomas, I.M. (2017). A longitudinal examination of improved access on park use and physical activity in a low-income and majority African American neighborhood park. Preventive Medicine 95(suppl), S95-S100.
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