Chenhui Li, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

School of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Address 303D Anheuser Busch Natural Resources Bldg.


  • PhD 2017, Texas Tech University
  • MS 2013, Texas Tech University
  • BS 2011, Lanzhou University

Research Summary

  • Li’s research interests include soil microbial ecology and soil health. The research goals are to investigate the plant-microbe-soil-environment interactions under predicted climate change conditions and management practices and the resulting modifications of soil health in agricultural and native ecosystems, aiming at optimizing soil health for enhanced ecosystem sustainability.

Selected Publications

  • Li, C., Fultz, L. M., Moore-Kucera, J., Acosta-Martínez, V., Kakarla, M., & Weindorf, D. C. (2018). Soil microbial community restoration in Conservation Reserve Program semi-arid grasslands. Soil Biology and Biochemistry118, 166-177.
  • Guan, C., Li, X., Zhang, P., & Li, C. (2018). Effect of global warming on soil respiration and cumulative carbon release in biocrust-dominated areas in the Tengger Desert, northern China. Journal of Soils and Sediments, pp1-10.
  • Weindorf, D., Chakraborty, S., Moore-Kucera, J., Li, B., Fultz, L., Acosta-Martinez, V., & Li, C. (2018). Advanced Modeling of Soil Biological Properties Using Visible Near Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy. International Journal of Bioresource Science, 5(1), 1-20.
  • Chen, T., Nan, Z., Kardol, P., Duan, T., Song, H., Wang, J., Li, C., & Hou, F. (2018). Effects of interspecific competition on plant-soil feedbacks generated by long-term grazing. Soil Biology and Biochemistry126, 133-143.
  • Li, C., Fultz, L. M., Moore-Kucera, J., Acosta-Martínez, V., Horita, J., Strauss, R., Zak, J., Calderón, F., & Weindorf, D. (2017). Soil carbon sequestration potential in semi-arid grasslands in the Conservation Reserve Program. Geoderma294, 80-90.
  • Chen, T., Zhang, Y., Christensen, M., Li, C., Hou, F., & Nan, Z. (2017). Grazing Intensity Affects Communities of Culturable Root‐Associated Fungi in a Semiarid Grassland of Northwest China. Land Degradation & Development, 29(2), 361-373.
  • Li, C., Moore-Kucera, J., Miles, C., Leonas, K., Lee, J., Corbin, A., & Inglis, D. (2014). Degradation of potentially biodegradable plastic mulch films at three diverse US locations. Agroecology and sustainable food systems38(8), 861-889.
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