Anthony Lupo, PhD


Atmospheric Science

Contact Information

Phone 573-884-1638
Address 302E Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building
Website Global Climate Change Group


  • A.S. 1986, Cayuga County Community College, Auburn, N.Y., Mathematics/Science
  • B.S. 1988, State University of New York at Oswego, Oswego, N.Y., Meteorology
  • M.S. 1991, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., Atmospheric Science
  • Ph.D. 1995, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., Atmospheric Science


  • AS-1050, Introductory Meteorology
  • AS-4800 and 7800, Numerical Methods in AS
  • AS-4310 and 7310, Atmos. Thermodynamics
  • AS-4320 and 7320, Atmos. Dynamics
  • AS-4600, Long-Range Forecasting
  • AS-4800, Numerical Methods in AS and NR
  • AS-8400, Theory of the General Circulation
  • AS-8450, Tropical Meteorology
  • AS-8600, Advanced Climate Dynamics
  • AS-9300, Introduction to Chaos Theory
  • AS-9350, Advanced Dynamic Meteorology

Selected Publications

  • Lebedeva, M.G., A.B. Solovyov, Y.G. Chendev, and A.R. Lupo, 2017: Bioclimatic potential of the Belgorod Region under modern conditions. Submitted to International Journal of Biometeorology, June, 2017.
  • Kastman, J.S., P.S. Market, N.I. Fox, A.L Foscato, and A.R. Lupo, 2017: Lightning and Rainfall Characteristics in Elevated versus Surface Based Convection in the Midwest that Produce Heavy Rainfall. Atmosphere, Vol. 8 (2). 
  • Lupo, A.R., 2016: Chief Editor: Recent Developments in Tropical Cyclone Dynamics, Prediction, and Detection. ISBN 978-953-51-2702-4, Intech Publishers, Vienna. 248 pp. (not counted in the total above)
  • Sitnov, S., I.I. Mokhov, and A.R. Lupo, 2017: Ozone and water vapor anomalies during atmospheric blocking events over European Russia in Spring and Summer 2010.  Under Revision Atmospheric Environment.
  • Lupo, A.R., Y.C. Li, N.I. Fox, J.L. Rabinowitz, and M.A. Simpson, 2016: Sensitive Versus Rough Dependence in Initial Conditions in Atmospheric Flow Regimes. Atmosphere, 7, 157; doi:10.3390/atmos7120157.
  • Kastman, J.S., P.S. Market, S.M. Rochette, A.R. Lupo, 2017: Assessing upper tropospheric jet streak proximity using the Rossby Radius of Deformation. Atmosphere, 8(1), 2;  doi:10.3390/atmos8010002
  • Nunes, M.J., A.R. Lupo, M.G. Lebedeva, Y.G. Chendev, and A.B. Solovyov, 2016: The occurrence of extreme monthly temperatures and precipitation in two global regions. Papers in Applied Geography, DOI: 10.1080/23754931.2017.1286253.
  • Chendev, Y.G., E.A. Terekhin, A.R. Lupo, J.A. Hubbart, T.J. Sauer, C.L. Burras, 2016: Recent afforestation in the Iowa River and Vorskla River basins: A comparative analysis of trends. Forests, 7, doi:10.3390/f7110278.
  • Jensen, A.D., A.R. Lupo, I. I. Mokhov, and M.G. Akperov, 2016: Future Atmospheric Blocking as Described by an Enstrophy Diagnostic in a Climate Model. Under review International journal of Climatology, March 2017
  • Henson, C.B., A.R. Lupo, P.S. Market, and P.E. Guinan, 2016: The Impact of ENSO and PDO-   Related Climate Variability on Regional Missouri Crop Yields. International Journal of Biometeorology. DOI 10.1007/s00484-016-1263-3
  • Wang, Y, and A.R. Lupo, 2016: What does the APO mean? Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography, 68:1, 31779.
  • Newberry, R.G., A.R. Lupo, A.D. Jensen, and R.A. Rodriges-Zalipynis  2016: An Analysis of the Spring-to-Summer Transition in the West Central Plains for Application to Long Range Forecasting. Atmospheric and Climate Science, 6,375-393. 
  • Matveyev, S.M., Chendev Yu.G., Lupo A.R., Hubbart J.A., Timashuk D.A., 2016: Climatic changes in the East-European forest-steppe and their effects on Scotch pine annual rings increment. Pure and Applied Geophysics, DOI 10.1007/s00024-016-1420-y
  • Chendev, Y.G., Lupo, A.R. Lebedeva, M.G., Borbukova, D.A, 2015; Regional Specificity of the Climate Evolution of Soils in the Southern Part of Eastern Europe in the Second Half of the Holocene. Genesis and Geography of Soils, Eurasian Soil Science48, 1279-1291.
  • Lebedeva, M.G,, O.V. Krymckaya, A.R. Lupo, Y.G. Chendev, A.N. Petin, A. Solovyov, 2015: Trends in Summer Season Climate for Eastern Europe and Southern Russia in the Early 21st Century. Advances in Meteorology, Special  Issue: Large Scale Atmospheric Science, 2015 Volume 2015 (2015).
  • Crandall, K.L, P.S. Market, A.R. Lupo, L.P. McCoy, R.J. Tillot, and J.J. Abraham, 2015: The application of diabatic heating in Q-vectors for the study of a midwest cyclone event.Advances in Meteorology, Special Issue: LDAT15.
  • Lupo, A.R., S.J. Colucci, I.I. Mokhov, and Y. Wang, 2015: Large-scale dynamics, anomalous flows, and teleconnections: 2015 Edition (Editorial / Review). Advances in Meteorology, Special Issue: Large Scale Atmospheric Science, 2015 Volume 2015 (2015), Article ID 3. Chief Guest Editor, the others were my associates.
  • Chendev, Y.G., Lupo, A.R. Lebedeva, M.G., Borbukova, D.A., 2015: Региональные Особенности Климатческой Эволюции Почв Южной Части Восточной Европы Во Второй Половине Голоцена, представлен на рассмотрение журнал почвоведение,  (in English) Regional features in soil due to climate in the southern part of Eastern Europe during the second part of the Holocene, Journal of Soil Pedology, 2015.
  • Mokhov, I.I., A. V. Timazhev, and A.R.Lupo, 2014: Changes in atmospheric blocking characteristics within Euro-Atlantic region and Northern Hemisphere as a whole in the 21st century from model simulations using RCP anthropogenic scenarios. Global and     Planetary Change, 122,265-270.
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  • Lupo, A.R. (Author Ch 1), 2013: Heartland Institute, 2013: Climate Change Reconsidered: 2013 The Interim Report of the ongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC),edited by Craig Idso, Ph.D., Robert M. Carter, Ph.D, and S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. (released 17 September  2013, 138 pp) – 10%  (overall) 75% (Chapter).
  • Chendev, Y.G., A. R. Lupo, A. Petin, and M.G. Lebedeva, 2013: Influence of long and short term climatic changes to chernozem soils central chernozem region of Russia. Papers in Applied Geography, 36,156 – 164.
  • Market, P.S., S. Rochette, and A.R. Lupo, 2013: A Comparison of Modern and Historical Methods for Calculating Montgomery Steamfunction. Atmospheric Science Letters, 14, 41-44.