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Celebration of Excellence

CAFNR honors its outstanding faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) at the University of Missouri held its annual Celebration of Excellence Award ceremony on April 10 to honor outstanding faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the College.

Safeguarding our Soil

Study at Hundley-Whaley Research Center looks at the future of cover crops to help improve our soils

One of the next revolutions in agriculture may not be a piece of equipment, a new crop or technology. It involves being better stewards of the ground below our feet. “Paying attention to the health of our soil and soil structure is going to be key in the future,” said Bruce Burdick, superintendent of Hundley-Whaley Research Center. “One way to…

Healthy Soil and People

To CAFNR's William Albrecht, there was more to dirt than crops

William Albrecht is remembered as the foremost researcher on soil quality and human health. He drew direct connections between poor quality forage crops and ill health in livestock and people.

Waterhemp Is Winning

Change in mindset required to control stubborn weed

In the war between waterhemp and crop producers, waterhemp is now winning, according to a University of Missouri weed scientist.

This Bug’s for Mizzou

Researcher discovers insect found only on the MU campus

Aphis mizzou, a new member of the aphid family, has been officially described in October in Zootaxa, a peer-reviewed scientific journal that describes newly identified organisms.

Down, But Not Out

MU Researchers provide strategies for farmers and ranchers to deal with and recover from the drought at Greenley Research Center's annual field day.

NOVELTY, Mo. – With significant crop yield reductions across Missouri, and much of the Midwest, lots of nutrients and herbicides remain in the soil, having never been absorbed by drought-stricken corn and soybean plants. This presents opportunities and challenges for farmers looking to plant cover, winter or forage crops this fall. Kevin Bradley, associate professor in the Division of Plant…

Improving Fields and Boosting Yields

Bradford Research Center set to host two events for Missouri producers

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Want to boost yields, improve control of weeds and insects, maintain soil health and see the latest agricultural products and research? Bradford Research Center, near Columbia, Mo. is hosting two events July 12 where attendees can find answers to those questions, connect to experts, explore field trials and see the latest agricultural products. Bradford is part of…

Little Bean, Big Money

CAFNR research boosts productivity in a $3 billion industry

The soybean is just a humble legume wrapped in a funny pod. Hold one in your hand and its distinctive markings seem to grin at you. These beans are happy because they’re worth a bundle - more than $33 billion nationally in 2010 and almost $3 billion in Missouri alone.

Growing Skills

CAFNR students learn to grow produce at Bradford Research Center

Broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and kohlrabi are just a few of the crops grown by students at Bradford Research Center and delivered fresh to MU's campus.

Seeds of Change

Transition research explores best practices for shifting from conventional to organic production

For row crop farmers transitioning from conventional to organic production, the three-year transition period can be daunting. Controlling weeds and improving soil health are the cornerstones to success, but many questions surround the best approaches to accomplish these goals.