Missouri AES Restructuring Plan

The Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station (MOAES) has a storied history of major impacts in advancing science in agriculture, food and natural resources — locally, nationally and globally. These CAFNR laboratories provide research faculty with a wide variety of real-world conditions to test and develop strategies for agricultural production, based on the geographical and climatic differences of our diverse state. However, in recent decades, recurring budget cuts have negatively affected the AES’ ability to stay at the forefront of basic, translational and applied research.


Context: Fiscal realities coupled with other challenges have constrained our capacity to maintain MOAES infrastructure and programs and our ability to serve our stakeholders.

Goal: Execute structural changes that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of MOAES to maintain its relevancy for Missouri agriculture in the 21st century.

Guiding Principles:

  • We are one state-wide experiment station
  • We intend to promote and reward a mission-driven approach to management that aligns with CAFNR strategic priorities, and
  • We intend to make MOAES more efficient, effective and relevant

Resources and Data


  • Stronger MOAES focused on its core mission
  • Financial savings around $800K
  • Enhanced partnership with MU Extension
  • Forward looking, nimble, and stakeholder-relevant MOAES that will Drive CAFNR to Distinction