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MU study looks at wildlife impact on city children

The future of wildlife conservation in the city depends on the next generation, but there is concern urban children may not be in touch with wildlife. With ethnic minority groups making up a large portion of city populations, a University of Missouri study looked at the experiences urban minority kids have with wildlife. According to the study, early involvement is important.

CAFNR alumnus Devisch named baron

Noel R. Devisch was recently honored for his service to European farmers and rural residents. He was granted the title of baron by Belgian royal decree on April 21, 2007. Devisch is a proud MU alumnus who stays in touch with his former professors and colleagues and has returned to MU to interact with students and faculty and share his…

MU Biological Engineers Build Capillary-Sized Laboratories

MU researchers are taking major strides toward the development of tiny, highly efficient liquid-core optical ring resonators (LCORR), or “lab-on-a-chip” sensors, which can perform multiple analyses at a high rate of speed with samples as small as a picoliter, or one-trillionth of a liter.