University of Missouri Assistance Program

UMAP imageThe University of Missouri Assistance Program (UMAP) is a USAID/USDA implementing partner providing international development consulting and logistics management support. Since 2003, UMAP has provided support for more than 15 workshops and conferences in Africa, including a Feed the Future launch event.

With a home base at the University of Missouri, UMAP has continually sought to build upon a decade of successful partnerships with the UMAP Kenya office by expanding operations to meet the needs of USAID, USDA, and additional development partners. In June 2013, UMAP celebrated its expansion to Ghana following registration as an international NGO under the Ghana Companies Code 1963. Together, the dual registration in Kenya and Ghana provides MU with the legal framework to deliver customized support anywhere on the African continent.

UMAP’s ability to link technical assistance services with logistical support systems has demonstrated our uniqueness in service provision. Key capabilities include:

  • Demonstrated expertise and knowledge of USDA and USAID financial and administrative systems
  • Highly expert in managing development assistance projects
  • 15 years of experience in managing short- and long-term consultants/employees
  • Extensive database of technical assistance expertise
  • Expert in conference and meeting planning, providing services not limited to transportation, accommodation, and per-diem payments
  • Established network of travel and hospitality systems
  • Legal status to operate anywhere on the African continent

For the complete UMAP Capability Statement, click here.

UMAP is headquartered at the University of Missouri in Columbia. With registered offices in Kenya, Southern Sudan and Ghana, UMAP is positioned to serve as your contact and on-the-ground logistical support in Africa.

United States Office
University of Missouri
1-28 Agriculture Building
Columbia, Missouri 65211
Tel: 573 882-0092
Contact: Lindsey Saunders

Ghana Office
P.O. Box CT 10096
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 (0) 302 779 236
Contact: Mawuli Asigbee