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International Agreements

A comprehensive list of the International Memoranda of Understanding (IMOU) signed by the University of Missouri is available from International Programs. To develop an agreement with an international university, please review the Planning and Approval Page and contact CIP@Missouri.edu to discuss and plan.

Funding Opportunities

CAFNR International Collaborations Grant Program

The CAFNR International Collaborations Grant was conceived to stimulate CAFNR faculty’s international activities that enhance the teaching, research and/or outreach mission of the college. Because we know of instances where international experiences have been “life-changing experiences” for faculty and students, CAFNR International Programs (CIP) organizes the dean’s annual support and donor’s generous gifts to:

  1. Enhance promising collaborations, and/or
  2. Stimulate value-added activity in existing collaborations that might generate added funding or “next-level” activity on a “priority issue.”

At the beginning of each semester, faculty members make the case for their project in up to three pages.

Congratulations to all our recipients, new and old. We love to hear and share the impact of these funds on faculty’s research programs. Send us your story at CIP@Missouri.edu

Spring 2022

  • Morgan, Mark, Development of foods fortified with protein from MO Carp fish powder
  • Lim, Teng Teeh and Cuong Duong, Decision-support tool for co-digesting swine manure and industrial waste
  • Hoang, Hoa, Use of economic modeling on analyzing the impacts of policy and shocks food consumption and nutrition outcomes
  • Rotman, Robin, Framework for water governance in the face of climate change

Spring 2020

  • Flint-Garcia, Sherry, SynAdapt – Zea Synthetic Local Adaptation Project

Fall 2019

  • Koo, Abraham J., Elucidating the role of AtNOGC1 in conferring stress tolerance
  • Grashuis, Jasper, Design Principles of Robust Common Property Institutions in Ag: A Comparative Study in Ghana
  • Segovia, Michelle S., Collaboration with Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group at Wageningen University
  • Lory, John A., Wrapping up “Tools for understanding and managing the global N cycle” working group
  • Byrne, Michael, Develop collaborative projects in Cabo San Lucas with Mexico Azul
  • Udawatta, Ranjith, Lectures and Research Development in Agroforestry at University of Concepción in Chile
  • Morgan, Mark, International Summit on Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries: A Follow-Up

Spring 2019

  • Ahmed Z. Balboula, Improving the quality of cryopreserved bovine embryos by regulating the apoptotic pathway
  • Meyers, Willi and Hoa Hoang, Agriculture and food policy analysis collaboration with Vietnam
  • Liu, Pei, Consumers and corporate social responsibility of the restaurant industry and their impact on obesity between US and China
  • Krishnaswamy, Kiruba, Organized Symposium: United Nations SDG 2: Achieving Zero Hunger with Innovations in Food Science
  • Gassman, Walter and Gary Stacey, Support for the 7th Biennial MU-GNU International Joint Symposium in Plant Biotechnology
  • North, Rebecca, Attendance of Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) All Hands’ Meeting
  • Argerich, Alba, Sustainable forest practices for the protection of aquatic ecosystems at IUFRO World Congress 2019


  • Aloysius, Noel, Pathways for Increasing Land and Water Productivity, and Enhancing Ecosystem Services in the Congo and Zambezi River Basins in Africa
  • Bardhan, Sougata, Approaching Microbial Community Divergence as Diagnostic Tool for Early Warning of Climate Change
  • Krishnaswamy, Kiruba, Attend the Accelerating SL@B (Saving Lives at Birth) program to develop strategies for global health
  • Lim, Teng Teeh, Enhancing Collaboration between MU and Thai Nguyen University
  • North, Rebecca, Facilitate collaborative proposals and a manuscript with international colleagues at the Society of International Limnology