Post Positions

All employers with open positions are encouraged to use

Some tips to help you maximize the number of students and alumni who view and respond to your posting:

  • Update/repost your job regularly until it is filled. displays jobs in order of posting date. Older postings may get buried in an avalanche of newer postings and be less likely to be viewed.
  • Be as detailed as possible when writing the job description. Students want to know specifically what they will be doing.
  • Be sure the qualifications align with what you really want. If you are willing to consider new college graduates, don’t request “at least three years of professional experience.” Many good candidates would be dissuaded from applying.
  • Make it personal! A contact name is appreciated by job seekers who want to personalize their message.

We are happy to help! Contact us with questions or suggestions. We may be able to suggest strategies to publicize harder-to-fill roles and generate qualified applicants.