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CAFNR Research Digest
CAFNR Office of Research Newsletter // February 10, 2022 // 4(3)
Feature Stories
New Growth (click to read)
New Growth »

David Braun named director of IPG

The Bench-Bedside Interface (click to read)
The Bench-Bedside Interface »

Finding new strategies to improve vascular health in diabetes

Research Highlights
Learn more about CAFNR's research enterprise (click to read)
Learn more about CAFNR's research enterprise »

CAFNR’s research enterprise is a community of experts who can tackle complex problems such as drought and food production.

Today: CIP Sponsoring Webinar, Grant Opportunity for Faculty International Collaboration Grants Today

CAFNR International Programs is releasing a special Request for Proposals for small Faculty International Collaboration Grants that will be specifically for faculty efforts to network and start collaborations with CGIAR International Research Centers and their scientists and extensionists.

This opportunity is being kicked off with a CAFNR Research Council webinar from Nicoline de Haan, who will talk about the goals and programs of the 15 CGIAR Centers. The presentation by de Haan, a CAFNR grad and director of the CGIAR GENDER Platform, will be today, Thursday, Feb. 10, at 3:30 p.m. The zoom link for the seminar can be found here. 

Contact Kerry Clark ( to receive the RFP for the grant program.

Celebration of Excellence Nominations Now Open 

Nominations are now open! Consider nominating your colleagues for teaching, advising, research, staff, Extension, Mumford, Mitchell and Deaton awards by March 1. There’s a new, streamlined nomination process. Visit the Celebration of Excellence section for nomination and submission information.

CAFNR Dissertation Research Improvement Grant (C-DRIG) 

C-DRIG supports dissertation research projects proposed by doctoral students in the College. Eligible students will have completed their coursework and have advanced to candidacy or will advance to candidacy within six months of the C-DRIG awards. The application deadline is March 15. More information can be found on the CAFNR Office of Research page. 

Agricultural Experiment Station
Cotton Specialist Joins the Fisher Delta Research, Extension and Education Center (click to read)
Cotton Specialist Joins the Fisher Delta Research, Extension and Education Center »

Bradley Wilson joins as an assistant research professor

New MOAES website (click to read)
New MOAES website »

The Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station has launched a new website! The new site incorporates the new structure announced last summer, showcasing our four Research, Extension and Education Centers (REECs), and their associated properties.

Graduate Student Spotlight
Ye-Jin Lee, Hospitality Management (click to read)
Ye-Jin Lee, Hospitality Management

1) What is your research focus?

It can be narrowed down to three areas: consumer psychology and behavior; destination and attraction management; and big data analytics. In addition, I am also very much interested in metaverse these days that incorporate blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT.

2) Why does this field interest you?

I’ve met so many great people for the past years of hands-on experience as a service agent in various hospitality and tourism businesses (e.g., hotel, restaurant, event, theme park). With the utmost effort to deliver customer satisfaction, I primarily focused on my research to understand individuals. Of course, big data analytics is an effective tool for finding meaningful factors and strategies to bridge industry and consumers. Meanwhile, after COVID-19 hit globally, the era of metaverse was accelerated. I believe this novel trend will become the mainstream to most of the businesses that benefit people in numerous ways.

3) Why did you decide to come to Mizzou?

The reason that I chose Mizzou for my PhD program is mainly because of my current advisor. Dr. Kim’s research areas and journal publications fit well with my research interest as well as what I would like to emphasize as a future researcher. Also, I love the Mizzou campus and the vibrant atmosphere that makes me excited.

4) What are your future career plans?

After I graduate, I plan to become a university/college professor. I would like to share it with younger generations from the past years of experiences in the academy of research, teaching, and industry.

5) Who is your advisor?

I work with Dr. Dae-Young Kim.

Grant Team Tips

NIH: eRA Commons ID required for ALL individuals Listed as Key Persons

As of 1/25/22, all individuals listed on the R&R Senior/Key Person Profile form must provide eRA Commons IDs in the credential field. The requirement includes all senior/key personnelother significant contributors (OSCs), and other individuals required in your funding opportunity announcement.

If you need assistance getting an eRA Commons ID for yourself, senior/key personnel, or other significant contributors on your projects, reach out to CAFNR Grant Administrators Liz Bent and Joseph Fischer.

Research Roars

Katie Harris Wins 2022 Katherine S. McCarter Graduate Student Policy Award

Katie Harris, PhD student in the Division of Plant Science and Technology, was selected for the 2022 Katherine S. McCarter Student Policy Award (GSPA) through the Ecological Society of America (ESA). This award provides graduate students with the opportunity to participate in a virtual Congressional Visits Day.

William R. Lamberson Distinguished Graduate Student Awards Announced

The William R. Lamberson Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation and MS Thesis Awards have been announced. In the fall, each division can submit one nomination for a doctoral dissertation and MS thesis for this award. The thesis award was awarded to Destiny Johns, student in the Division of Animal Sciences. The dissertation award was awarded to Eric Oseland, student in the Division of Plant Science and Technology.

Eduardo Beche Receives Foundation for Soy Innovation Scholarship

Eduardo Beche, research scientist in Plant Science & Technology, was selected to receive the 2021 Soy Innovation Scholarship through the Foundation for Soy Innovation. The scholarship will help fund the recipients’ education and research. Beche’s research centers on yield and adaptability of soybean traits. Beche plans to use the $1,000 scholarship to attend the World Soybean Research Conference 11 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

CAFNR faculty members have received the following recent grants (listed by Principal Investigator):

Corrine Bromfield, MO 2021 NADPRP Swine Biosecurity Plans, Dept of Ag, 2/15/2022-1/31/2024, $271,730

Pengyin Chen, Developing the Perfect Molecular Markers and New Germplasm for Rapid Incorporation of Resistance to Soil Borne Pathogens of Soybean (Year 3), Ohio State University, 1/1/2022-12/31/2022, $75,000

In the News

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This past summer a series of videos were released highlighting CAFNR’s research enterprise. The header features a graduate student washing roots at the East Campus Plant Growth Facility. Learn more about CAFNR’s research on food production under the research highlights section.