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An International Explorer

Shanon Dickerson encourages students to see the world

Sitting in an economics class as a business major at Illinois College, Shanon Dickerson wanted to be just about anywhere else in the world. Little did she know that international travel would soon become a massive part of her life and, eventually, her career. Dickerson switched her major from business to Spanish, and quickly fell in love with the opportunities…

Engaging Alumni

CAFNR Office of Academic Programs focused on working with alumni

The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Office of Academic Programs is focused on recruiting strong high school students and providing them with the opportunities to succeed – not only in the classroom but once they enter the workforce. The CAFNR Office of Academic Programs welcomed three new hires in August of last year – Matt…

Collaboration at its Finest

CAFNR teams up with MoSoy, Missouri Corn

Collaboration is at the center of the mission of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. A recent study abroad trip to Argentina showcased that collaboration and its importance. MU Extension specialists Ray Massey and Ryan Milhollin led a group of 10 students who traveled to Argentina to learn more about the agricultural landscape. Representatives from…

Ciao From Italy

Students get cultural inspiration, gain valuable experience by studying abroad in Italy

This summer students and Dr. Mauro Palmero visited Florence, Italy, from June 5 through July 14, as part of a study abroad program. The host, Florence University of Arts, and its faculty and staff extended their warm hospitality to the group. They were professional, knowledgeable and helpful. When the group had any need, they went above and beyond to accommodate…

Catch Up With CAFNR

A photo gallery of CAFNR happenings

Check out more photos from these events on our Flickr site. What are YOU up to? Send us photos and captions of the events and other happenings in your corner of CAFNR! Just email the information…

A Friendship Across the Atlantic

Stevens visiting CAFNR exchange students in France this fall

When former CAFNR study abroad director Roy Robinson left last year, Cheryl Stevens, administrative assistant, academic programs, and Bryan Garton, associate dean and director, academic programs, became the interim study abroad officers. Stevens quickly found herself corresponding heavily via email with the five exchange students who soon arrived from Toulouse, France. Eventually, all of those emails developed into a close…

Frequent Flyer

CAFNR alum travels the world for work and play

CAFNR alum Andrea Woolverton has travelled the globe pursuing both her profession and her passion.

Rolling With the Earthquake

Study abroad students grab shovels to help after New Zealand disaster

Roy Robinson, CAFNR study abroad director, is always proud of how flexible his students are when studying in foreign countries.

He’s particularly proud of his students who, not 24 hours on the ground in New Zealand, grabbed shovels to help in the aftermath of a major earthquake.

Millions of miles to a Golden Apple

CAFNR students circle the globe in search of learning, lead by the director of the Study Abroad Program

University of Missouri students love going abroad to study.  They come home to report that the experiences have changed their view of the world and other cultures.  They enthusiastically share their new ideas for worthwhile careers in places that were once only names on a paper map. Helping College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources students to successfully and safely…

Making a Difference and the News

Efforts to Rebuild a Damaged Reef Gains Attention of National TV

It’s hard enough for a scuba diving newcomer to plant coral seedlings in a seabed on the other side of the world. It is harder still when a NBC TV news camera follows your every move. During Winter Break, 15 MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources students spent three weeks studying conservation and biodiversity in Thailand.