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Little Kids, Big Impact

Informal rural child care is a surprisingly large industry

The informal child care industry created more than 128,000 jobs and added about $971.5 million in total value to the state of Kansas in 2005.

CAFNR Chalks Up Another Victory

2014 Gold Chalk Awards presented to Mary Grigsby of rural sociology and Mike Smith of animal sciences

Two of CAFNR’s own each received a Gold Chalk Award. Mary Grigsby, associate professor of rural sociology, and Mike Smith, professor of animal sciences, were recognized for their impact on the education of their graduate students. Each year, the University of Missouri Graduate Professional Council awards Gold Chalk Awards to professors who have made significant contributions to the professional and…

Developing Recognition

Rural sociology grad student receives Community Development Program Award

Mark Porth, M.S. Rural Sociology ’13 and University of Missouri Extension regional community arts specialist, received the 2013 Community Development Program Outstanding Student Award. The award is presented to a Community Development Society student in recognition of his or her contribution to the community development field through a paper, article, field project, internship or other applied research.

A Hungrier Missouri

Hunger Atlas shows food insecurity continues to worsen

The number of people in Missouri who worry about having sufficient food, or who experience outright hunger, is moving in the wrong direction.

Population Shifts

Missouri is steadily moving from a rural to an urban state

Missouri’s northern rural counties continue to lose population while cities and a few small towns are steadily growing.

Finding Middle Ground

Scholarship supports sustainable agriculture and honors a family's dedication to conservation

With more than 50 years of service to the University of Missouri, Fred Martz has influenced hundreds of farmers, students and fellow faculty members. Though he recently celebrated his retirement, his impact on education will sustain through the Fred and Donna Martz scholarship.

Setting the Table for Food Security

Symposium unites research and communities to tackle hunger in the U.S.

We all think about it every day: what to eat at our next meal. For the millions of American households who experience food insecurity, the question is not what to eat, but if they’ll eat. Addressing that issue was on the table at a recent symposium hosted at MU: Food Insecurity: Assessing Disparities, Consequences, and Policies. The symposium, sponsored by…

A Global Pioneer

MU professor Jere Gilles builds bridges across cultures

Jere Gilles knew he wanted to serve in the Peace Corps before it even existed. “When I was in sixth grade I sort of thought JFK (President John F. Kennedy) stole the idea from me,” said Gilles, an associate professor of rural sociology in CAFNR’s Division of Applied Social Sciences. Gilles’ grandparents were homesteaders in Montana and he grew up…

Food Insecurity

MU summit focuses on causes, consequences, solutions

Hunger in America, and its causes, consequences and possible solutions, will be the topic of a University of Missouri national symposium Oct. 17-19.