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Pay More Per View

Prices could continue to rise for TV sports events

A CAFNR sports economics expert says that Americans should continue to expect a rise in sports television prices.

New U.S. Export: Sports

Change in Chinese culture could open huge market for U.S.

A new study shows that interest in American sports is growing in China, which could open a large, untapped economic market for the U.S.

Tallying Tailgate Trash

Students dumpster dive to see how a recycling project is working

Is the Tiger Tailgate Recycling project working? Students dug deep into the trash pit to find out.

Boots on the Green

Jerry Hitzhusen collaborates to bring golf to veterans young and old

Jerry Hitzhusen, associate professor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, strives for inclusion through Boots on the Green golf program for veterans.

Exploring a Tradition

Ozarks families go fishing at night. In December. With spears.

Most fishermen call it a day when the sun goes down, but on this December evening Landon Howell and his friends are just getting started. Howell and Michael Stoops pilot a pair of flat-bottomed aluminum boats at speeds that would spell almost certain disaster for boaters unfamiliar with this stretch of the Current River. They deftly navigate upstream, dodging rocks,…

Teaching the Business of Sport Management

A new program prepares students for careers in the executive suites

Think it will be cool to hang out with athletes and help them manage their business interests or plan marketing for sports events? If you do, the University of Missouri’s School of Natural Resources has a program for you.

Mission to Vietnam

MU Fulbright Scholar will help country develop its ecotourism potential

Mark Morgan, associate professor in the University of Missouri School of Natural Resources’ Parks, Recreation and Tourism program, has been selected as a Fulbright Scholar to teach a semester atVietnam National University and organize a study of one of the country’s national parks. “I’ll teach a graduate class in research methodology,” Morgan said. “The primary class assignment will be to conduct a visitor survey atCuc…

Who Are the Tornado Tourists?

A research study seeks to understand a small but growing tourism niche

Like big game hunting guides giving tourists a glimpse of African lions, a growing group of commercial storm chasing companies are providing people from all over the world a close look at tornadoes. Gaining in popularity since the movie Twister in 1996, these tours have become a regular part of Tornado Alley, following super cell storms and hoping to see a tornado.

A Non-Flying Office Addition

David Vaught is presented a new, but earth-bound trophy

Vaught, chair and director of graduate studies for the University of Missouri School of Natural Resources’ Parks, Recreation and Tourism department, was recognized in early March.

Easter Eggs? Check. Candy? Check. Flashlight? Check.

MU Parks, Recreation and Tourism students get practical experience at planning a big event

On March 25, children from Columbia will search for candy-stuffed Easter eggs after the sun goes down in the 2nd Annual Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. This fun outing not only gives the kids something to look forward to, but it gives the MU Parks, Recreation and Tourism students the chance to give back to the community. In 2009, the City…