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A Project of Patience

CAFNR researchers team up with Dept. of Conservation to track state deer population

To everyday motorists, they might be a potential calamity on a curvy road late at night. To hunters, they might represent an opportunity for a victorious weekend morning. To certain individuals at the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences and the Missouri Department of Conservation, though, white-tailed deer are the reason behind an extensive five-year undertaking to study the survival,…

In High Gear

Waterfowl researcher turns biking into way of life

It’s attention-grabbing. It’s out of the ordinary. And as Lisa Webb will tell you, the souped up “speaker bike” that normally rests in the middle of her garage is fully functional in spite of its front-heavy appearance. “Oh yeah,” says Webb. “My husband’s an engineer.” The red Trek road bike sports twin speakers, a karaoke system, an iPod station and…

A Heated Situation

CAFNR research duo helps conduct North American fish climate change workshop

They came from as far southeast as the Florida Keys and as far northwest as Fairbanks, Alaska, as a congregation normally separated by physical distance, but united by one growing concern: to find ways to help lessen the effects of climate change upon North American fish and fisheries. From June 1-5, a diverse collection of 27 fish experts (plus two remote…

Kemper Honor

Trista Strauch selected as 2015 Kemper Fellow

Trista Strauch, assistant teaching professor of animal sciences and fisheries and wildlife sciences in the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, has received one of the 2015 William T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, Commerce Bank Chairman Jim Schatz and a group of professors, administrators and staff surprised Strauch by honoring her with the Fellowship, which…

The Lake Effect

Tony Thorpe, Coordinator for the Lakes of Missouri Volunteer program, has big plans for this years Float Your Boat fundraiser

Spending time around the lake is second nature for Tony Thorpe. As the Coordinator for the Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program, he is constantly analyzing lake water samples gathered by his volunteers, and conducting research on the water. However, one of his favorite times spent at the lake comes once a year, and it’s one that takes serious preparation. It’s…

Big River, Big Data

Old research will help conservationists solve new problems

The University of Missouri is taking existing Midwestern river resources research data and retasking it to predict future problems.

Eat More Carp

A delicious solution for an invasive fish problem

Want to fight the spread of an invasive fish? Eat them.

Planting Pollinators

Southern Boone students help with native seeding

On November 9 students from Southern Boone Elementary in Ashland joined researchers and other volunteers at Bradford Research Center for the planting of a new native pollinators plot.

Climate, Food, Community

Collaboration focuses on environment and Missouri agriculture

A five-year MU program will study climate variability and its potential agricultural, ecological and social impacts in Missouri.