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‘World-Class Players’

Trio of MU Biochemistry researchers serve as chairs at prestigious Gordon Research Conferences, Seminars

Two faculty members from the University of Missouri’s Division of Biochemistry – as well as a Ph.D. student – were chosen to serve as co-chairs for meetings of the Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) and Gordon Research Seminars (GRS). In 2013, GRC attendees at the salivary gland and exocrine biology meeting voted that Gary Weisman, Curators Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry, should serve…

Taking Root

New grass finding may reduce nitrogen amounts needed for farming

As farmers spend billions of dollars spreading nitrogen on their fields this spring, researchers at the University of Missouri are working toward less reliance on the fertilizer. Less dependence on nitrogen could start with a simple type of grass, Setaria viridis, and its relationship with bacteria. The plant promises to lay groundwork for scientists exploring the relationship between crops and…

Filling in the Gaps of HIV

Biochemist helps discover major protein in deadly virus

Seeing the whole picture can mean a lot when it comes to figuring out HIV. Researchers at the University of Missouri Bond Life Sciences Center are gaining a clearer idea of what a key protein in HIV looks like, which will help explain the flexible protein’s vital role in the virus life cycle. The protein the researchers imaged is a building…