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Advancing Surface Irrigation

Earl Vories honored with ASABE Award for the Advancement of Surface Irrigation

Earl Vories has been a member of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for 30 years, and has attended ASABE conferences since he was in graduate school at the University of Arkansas. Vories, a professional engineer, earned a major award at the most recent ASABE conference — the Award for the Advancement of Surface Irrigation. “These conference have…

Taking in the Scenery

Steve Borgelt has developed a passion for train travel

Steve Borgelt loves to travel. His trips have taken him across the United States and into Canada. Borgelt wants his journeys to be relaxing. Instead of always flying or hopping in his car to drive, Borgelt tours the United States from a train car. “I really like ground travel,” Borgelt said. “I like to see things, and I don’t really…

Watching the Water

Collaborations abound through stormwater best management practices

A strong storm leaves behind a good amount of rain. Where does that water go? Can it carry nutrients or pollutants? Does it cause flooding? What can be done to manage the storm water? Those are just a few of the questions that Enos Inniss and Allen Thompson continue to research. Inniss, an assistant teaching professor in civil and environmental…

Open to Business

Radiology professor begins work on a record third Coulter research project

Pick a scribble, any scribble. Raghuraman Kannan offers you a choice: Point at any sketch on the two dry erase boards in his office — both rife with numbers, letters, arrows and other scribbles — and he will tell you exactly which project it is affiliated with out of the 18 or so currently on his plate. “Everything’s there,” he says.…

Saving Face

Collagen regeneration therapy goes commercial

One of the first companies to receive startup capital from the University of Missouri System’s Enterprise Investment Program will begin commercialization.

Flame of Thrones

MU biological engineers reinvent the toilet -- with fire

A MU team is collaborating with Duke University on developing a system that treats waste using supercritical water oxidation.

That Certain Glow

Delayed fluorescence can help monitor the health of plants

Research at CAFNR is investigating how plants glow. Called delayed fluorescence, this may someday help farmers monitor the health of their crops to more accurately apply fertilizers, water and pesticides.

New Experiential Lab

$1 million gift supports MU student collaboration

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), one of the world’s leading agricultural processors, has given the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) a gift of $1 million to support a dedicated laboratory space designed specifically for student experiential learning. The ADM Center for Agricultural Development, to be located in the Agricultural Engineering building on MU’s east…

Student and Faculty Members Honored at Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

CAFNR was well represented at the 2012 Chancellor’s Excellence Awards ceremony. Jillian Yoder and Scott Brown were honored with the Chancellor’s Award. William Folk and Sheila Grant were both presented the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum. The annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum showcases student research and scholarly and creative achievements…

Listening for Cancer

Photoacoustic device finds cancer cells before they become tumors

Commercial production of a device that measures melanoma using photoacoustics, or laser-induced ultrasound, will soon be available to scientists and academia for cancer studies.