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Sinking into the Forest

Is a forest a carbon sink, sequestering more carbon dioxide (CO2) than it emits, thus improving air quality for oxygen breathing organisms? It’s a question University of Missouri forestry professor Steven Pallardy has been exploring for the last several years at Baskett Research and Education Area near Ashland, Mo. The answer could provide insights that inform forest management and potentially…

The Vernal Sojourn

CAFNR faculty, staff and students explore the Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Center

They’re not blazing a trail of exploration á la Lewis and Clark, but they are keen observers, and their hiking tradition has not only fulfilled their desire to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the forest, it’s also led to research projects, teaching ideas and forest management strategies.

Black and Gold and Green

Research centers improve efficiency in research and practice

From turning today’s tuna salad into tomorrow’s tomatoes, and improving water quality and conservation through advanced irrigation and drainage techniques, CAFNR’s 17 research centers are improving production efficiency, reducing costs and inputs and working to conserve natural resources. Sometimes the solutions involve working with what nature provides, such as capturing ground source air to maintain consistent temperatures for heating and…