Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agricultureSustainable agriculture meets the needs of both farmers and consumers by creating agricultural systems that produce food for a growing population in a way that protects the environment and supports healthy, dynamic communities. Increasingly, farmers are looking for creative ways to increase and diversify farm income, while consumers are seeking sustainably raised food produced close to home.

Career Opportunities

Whether your career interests lie on the production or consumer side or somewhere in between, a degree in agriculture with an emphasis in sustainable agriculture will provide you with the skills and knowledge to incorporate economic viability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility in food and farming systems.

Your tailored degree program will prepare you for many career opportunities, including those with:

  • Supermarket chains
  • Producer cooperatives
  • State cooperative extension
  • Agencies in the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Non-profits
  • Grassroots farmer and consumer organizations
  • Food security initiatives

Student in the fieldProduction

Operate your own farm and produce high-quality, sustainably raised agricultural products for local, national or international markets.

Sales and Marketing

Work for food retailers, wholesalers, cooperatives, or direct-marketing initiatives that recognize the growing consumer demand for sustainably raised products.


A variety of local, state and federal agencies provide opportunities in the areas of conservation, data and policy analysis, policy development, and rural and international development.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Be a part of an organization that works on agricultural or environmental issues, community and economic development, or the development of sustainable food systems.

Core Areas of Study

  • International Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Theory and Production of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Community Food Systems
  • Topics in Agriculture

See the catalog for full emphasis-area curriculum.
See the catalog for full minor curriculum.

Students in greenhouseResearch/Internship Opportunities

Students in this program are required to complete a three-credit-hour internship or international experience in sustainable agriculture. You’ll find that many opportunities are available for internships and research that reflect the variety of innovative food and farming systems and your own interests.

You can gain hands-on experience working with the Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture program. This program offers opportunities to collaborate with Missouri’s sustainable farmers and agricultural professionals. You’ll also have the chance to educate producers, consumers, and communities about sustainable food and farming systems.

The program works in both rural and urban areas and is a national leader in Extension activities in sustainable agriculture. Other opportunities exist for on- and off-campus research and internships. Students can assist faculty with research in animal or plant sciences, rural sociology, agricultural economics, agroforestry and nutritional science.

The University has an entire agricultural research farm in Mt. Vernon, Mo., dedicated to innovative practices in sustainable agriculture. Students have pursued research and internships in projects ranging from pasture-based dairy systems to fruit and vegetable production.

Clubs & Organizations

  • CAFNR Student Council
  • Sustain Mizzou
  • Tigers for Community Agriculture