Scholarships S-Z

The MU Scholarship Application qualifies students for almost all scholarships; only one application form is needed.


S-Z Listing

*Scholarships marked with an asterisk are available to freshmen.

  • *Elyzabeth H. Schell Scholarship
    For CAFNR students who are the children of Missouri landowning farmers or stockmen. Based on academic achievement, leadership and extracurricular activities.
  • *Sam B. Shirky Centennial Scholarship
    For CAFNR students; preference is for students from Missouri farms who plan to return to the farm. Based on high school and college academic performance.
  • *Glenn Thomas Smith and Beatrice Grant Smith Agricultural Scholarship
    For students with rural background and financial need, with a cumulative 2.5 gpa or better.
  • Granville M. Smith, Jr. Trust
    For CAFNR students with financial need, with preference for those from Sullivan and Adair counties in Missouri.
  • *Lewis A. Smith Memorial Scholarship
    For CAFNR students with a first preference to graduates of Slater (Mo) High School; second preference to graduates of any high school in Saline County, Mo.
  • *Lewis C. Snell, Jr. Agriculture Scholarship
    For CAFNR students in any of the College’s programs.
  • *Special Talent Scholarships
    For entering freshmen who demonstrate exceptional talent in agriculture, science, music or the arts.
  • *Spiese Fund in Agriculture
    For full-time undergraduate students in CAFNR. Preference is for graduates of high schools in the Bootheel area of Missouri.
  • *State Officer Leadership Awards
    For FFA and 4-H state officers who are enrolled in CAFNR studying agricultural or food sciences.
  • *Frank Stonner Memorial Scholarship
    For students in CAFNR studying agricultural or food sciences.
  • William C. Stringer Scholarship Fund
    For full-time students with at least a 2.5 gpa and demonstrated financial need.
  • Stroeter Scholarship in Memory of William J. Stroeter and Dora Johnston Stroeter
    For participants in the CAFNR’s undergraduate research program.
  • *William L. and Cleo Y. Tayloe Memorial Fund
    For CAFNR students who are studying agricultural or food sciences.
  • University of Missouri Women’s Extension Club Scholarship
    For sophomores, juniors or seniors with good academic records, outstanding character, leadership and service to others. Preference is for former 4-H members; financial need may be considered.
  • Paul Vaughn Scholars
    For CAFNR students who are making academic progress, have good moral character and are pursuing leadership activities.
  • *Floyd A. Watkins Memorial Scholarship
    For CAFNR students who are residents of Polk County, Mo, pursuing a degree in agriculture or food sciences.
  • *Walt & Norma Wilkening Scholarship
    For CAFNR students, with a preference for students from Cape Girardeau County.
  • *George P. and Suzanne Wilson College of Agriculture Scholarship
    For undergraduate students majoring in agriculture. Incoming freshmen must have at least a 3.5 gpa, and sophomores and above must have a 3.2 gpa.
  • Maurice N. Witt Scholarship in Agriculture
    For CAFNR juniors or seniors who are pursuing course of study in agriculture or food sciences and exhibit academic excellence.
  • Marian Hoshor Wood Scholarship
    For students who are graduates of Savannah (Mo) High School. First preference is for juniors or seniors studying plant sciences or animal sciences; second preference is for students active in extracurricular activities in college or community.
  • *Wurdack Scholarship Fund
    For CAFNR students studying agriculture or food sciences.
  • Freeda Thomas Yeo Agriculture Fund
    First priority is for students from developing countries to learn about better farming methods and practices.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryman Young, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lawrence Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Burns Memorial Fund
    For undergraduate or graduate students in CAFNR.

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