Equine Science and Management Certificate

Open to any Mizzou student, this certificate program allow students to emphasize and quantify to employers their hands-on work experience with horses. Students from all backgrounds are accepted into this program, with many having limited or no previous equine experience.

To achieve the certificate, students must take six equine courses, with four of the six being experiential-learning based at the MU Equine Teaching Facility. Students also have the option of fulfilling some requirements by completing internships with industry professionals.

Typically, it will take students five semesters to complete the certificate; however, it can be completed in three or four semesters if needed.

Hands-on Learning

  • Horse breeding and training. Undergraduate students in the equine program are involved with Mizzou’s equine breeding program each step of the way: conception, foaling, training and marketing in coordination with courses taught at the MU Equine Teaching Facility. Each November students in the program produce the MU Online Horse Auction and Fundraiser to cap off their integrated educational experience. This auction provides students with valuable real world experiences, such as training horses and developing professional communication with potential buyers.
  • Facility management. The MU Equine Teaching Facility is managed and operated by students. Approximately 60 undergraduate equine practicum students and volunteers devote their time each semester to care for our horses. Along with caring for the herd, all practicum students and volunteers participate in mastering various equine skills that are needed to work and be involved in the animal industry.

Classes You Might Take

  • Equine Practicum
  • Equine Facility Management and Marketing
  • Equine Behavior and Training
  • Equine Breeding Management
  • Horse Production
  • See registrar.missouri.edu for full curriculum

How to Apply

Students and community members interested in completing the equine science and management certificate should contact Marci Crosby at crosbym@missouri.edu.

Visit the Current CAFNR Students page for the Online Minor and Certification Form.

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