Dickinson Scholars Program

The Dickinson Scholars Program provides an opportunity for College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) sophomores to become acquainted with the Kansas City agribusiness community.

2017 Scholars

Dickinson ScholarsFront Row: Jessica Hoelting, Sydney Hoffman, Samantha Coulson, Madison Byrd, Elizabeth Green. Back Row: Cavin Joesting, Kelsey Batson, Katie St. Pierre, Cole Edwards, Daniel Hoer.

About the Program

Participants are assigned to teams for a project-based tour of Kansas City agribusinesses. These interactive tours are designed to help participants gain an understanding of the Kansas City agribusiness work environment.

There are also evening programs that feature leading Kansas City agribusiness leaders. Other evening programs provide an opportunity for Dickinson Scholars to meet CAFNR alumni in the greater Kansas City area and to visit with hosts from all the companies involved with the week’s program.


  • Provide an opportunity for participants to observe firsthand the types of challenges and opportunities available in a wide range of Kansas City agribusiness companies.
  • Provide the scholars an opportunity to develop an appreciation and understanding of the professional requirements for a successful career in agribusiness.


The Dickinson Scholars program is funded by an endowment established by the late Gary Dickinson.