Captive Wild Animal Management Minor

Do you have a passion for wild animals? Do you wonder how to turn that enthusiasm into a career? Consider earning a minor in captive wild animal management!

For animal sciences or natural resource science and management majors, the minor will require an additional 18-20 hours of coursework. For non-animal sciences or fisheries and wildlife sciences majors, the minor may require prerequisite courses in addition to the required curriculum.

A combination of coursework from the two major degrees will teach conservation, management and scientific principles to provide the background for a career in the care and management of wild animals.

Career Opportunities

While preparing yourself for a career in either animal sciences or fisheries and wildlife sciences, learn to blend the disciplines, spend time focused on wild animals, interact with professionals involved in various aspects of captive wild animal management and provide yourself with a distinct advantage for a career in:

  • Animal rescue operations
  • Endangered species management
  • Captive animal breeding and nutrition
  • Zoological parks and aquariums
  • Further studies in animal sciences, fisheries and wildlife sciences, veterinary medicine, etc.


Core Areas of Study

  • Conservation Biology
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal Physiology
  • Genetics
  • Wild Animal Ecology and Natural History
  • Advanced Physiology, Nutrition and Disease

See the catalog for full curriculum.

Clubs & Organizations

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