Forms & Requirements

Academic Forms

Enrollment Forms

  • On probation (registration hold): Have your advisor email to indicate you have met and discussed your academic performance.  Staff in the Office of Academic Programs will remove the student’s registration hold.
  • Enrolling in more than 18 hours: Have your advisor send approval for the course(s) to be added via email to Make sure you are copied on the email.
  • Changing grading options (from A-F to S/U): Have your advisor send approval for the specific course via email to Make sure you are copied on the email.
  • Add/Drop & Withdrawal Forms. These are submitted to the University Registrar. Please indicate CAFNR Advisors as your unit.

Minors & Certifications

Academic Standing


See the guidelines for graduation for how and when you need to submit your plan.

If you take courses other than those listed on your program for graduation, submit a graduation change form (see guidelines for graduation for details):

Both the grad plan and grad plan change forms need to be approved by your academic advisor and advisor chair. Either electronic signatures OR approval email chains are acceptable. Please send all documentation and approvals to Once these forms are reviewed, you’ll get a confirmation email with the document attached.

Gen Ed Requirements