Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2017 Outstanding Teaching Award: Harley Naumann

Harley Naumann

Harley Naumann has been an assistant professor within the Division of Plant Sciences for the past three years. His courses focus on plant structure and function, forage crops and laboratory topics in forage analysis.

Naumann’s style of teaching and hands-on approach is consistently praised by his students and fellow faculty members. Naumann has served as a guest lecturer for a handful of courses as well, in both plant sciences and animal sciences. He serves as an advisor and mentor to several students, too.

Naumann’s teaching philosophy includes a focus on helping students grasp new and challenging concepts. He works hard to provide students with examples they can inspect and touch instead of just providing an image on a PowerPoint slide.

“Harley is responsible for teaching one of our core undergraduate courses, Plant Structure and Function, which is require for all plant sciences and forestry undergraduate majors,” said Deborah L. Finke, associate professor, plant sciences. “Despite the large class size and the diversity of backgrounds in the class, he does a great job of keeping all of the students engaged.”

“During my semester with Dr. Naumann, I found him to be an excellent and personable teacher,” said Samuel Prather, a senior majoring in plant sciences. “During lectures, Dr. Naumann demonstrated the highest caliber of knowledge and was capable of answering any questions asked of him. He was also able to communicate many of the difficult scientific concepts to us students.”

Overall, I consider Dr. Naumann to be a very dedicated teacher. He comes to class prepared and demonstrates his interest in the material he teaches. He has good interactions with students. His knowledge and passion towards undergraduate education plays a significant role in our division, and in my opinion, he is worthy of recognition.

Xi Xiong, associate professor, plant sciences