Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2016 Outstanding Junior: Abrea Mizer

Abrea Mizer

Abrea Mizer, Marshall, Mo., has served as a CAFNR ambassador and CAFNR peer career coach since 2014. In those roles, she informs prospective students about the opportunities in CAFNR and helps current University of Missouri students become more career-ready.

Mizer was a Monsanto customer advocacy intern in 2015. She created marketing materials related to agriculture education and presented at a handful of conferences. Mizer will serve as a scientific affairs communication and outreach intern for Monsanto this summer. She will help scientists and other individuals with developing messages, both written and verbal, through different media.

Mizer served as the Missouri FFA state president and state past president. In those roles, she presented to more than 12,000 students and 1,200 stakeholders, educating all about agriculture. Mizer was a Litton Leadership Scholar and CAFNR Ag Alumni Scholar. She is on the Homecoming Steering Committee and will help organize MU's 105th Homecoming. Mizer has been on the Dean's List since 2013 and has volunteered with Meals on Wheels since 2010. She was also the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority alumnae engagement director in 2015.

"Challenging myself as an individual, as well as a student, has always been important to me," Mizer said. "I challenge myself because I enjoy learning new things. However, I also want to have a diverse experience and unique perspective that I can bring to any situation. Having a wide variety of knowledge and experience allows you to look at situations from many different perspectives."

Abrea is a natural leader; her leadership traits include sociability, intelligence, and communication. Abrea excels among her peers in her ability to clearly and articulately describe a vision for the future. Abrea effortlessly engages decision makers/stakeholders and uses her sociability to quickly build an influential relationship.

John Tummons, assistant teaching professor, agricultural education and leadership