Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2016 Outstanding Sophomore: Nora Faris

Nora Faris

Nora Faris, Concordia, Mo., is a Missouri Farm Bureau ambassador, a member of the Mizzou Student Foundation, and has been part of the National FFA Organization since 2010. Faris is the co-chair of the CAFNR Ambassadors, organizing meetings and leading the ambassador team in recruiting new students for CAFNR.

Faris served as a strategic communications intern in Sen. Roy Blunt's office last year. She was involved in several campaign activities with a focus on reaching out to the community. Faris has also done internships with Missouri Farm Bureau and the Missouri Senate. She has worked for KBIA Public Radio as a reporter for more than a year.

Faris was a CAFNR Dickinson Scholar and was selected as a 2016 Kinder Scholar. She will spend the summer interning in Washington, D.C., in a program for students interested in law, constitutional democracy and government. Faris is a CAFNR Ag Alumni Association Scholarship recipient as well. She recently participated in a study abroad trip to Brussels, Belgium.

"I grew up in a rural Missouri community, a tiny town where the livestock population exceeded the human population and the closest thing to a high-rise was a grain elevator," Faris said. "My learning experiences in CAFNR have expanded my educational and career horizons, exposing me to opportunities in public policy, biotechnology, agricultural broadcasting and reporting, and law."

Nora is a pleasure to work with, because she has a drive unparalleled to those of her peers. She is a natural born leader, and handles positions fairly by making sure everyone has an equal share of responsibilities for the team to succeed. Nora is a steadfast member of all she is involved with, and can balance her time and dedication evenly between organizations and commitments.

Allison Spence, Agricultural Communicators and Leaders of Tomorrow social chair and junior, science and agricultural journalism