Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2013 Outstanding Organization: Mizzou Agricultural Economics Club

Mizzou Agricultural Economics Clu

The Mizzou Agricultural Economics Club’s mission is to enhance the college experience of students interested in agriculture, agribusiness and agricultural economics. This is achieved through a series of professional development events, networking opportunities and experiences beyond the University of Missouri campus.

Monthly meetings feature professionals in the agriculture industry to provide insight into the companies they represent and career opportunities within. Each fall the club organizes a three-day trip to tour agribusinesses in different states, followed by a spring trip to a local agribusiness. These trips offer in-depth experiences in marketing, sales, commodity trading and other aspects of the agribusiness industry.

The club also is involved in the agricultural economics department by hosting annual fundraisers to support the Jerry West Memorial Scholarship Fund. Beyond these experiences, the Mizzou Agricultural Economics Club fosters networking among members that lasts beyond graduation.

“The main reasons I have stay involved in Agricultural Economics Club is the people and the opportunities,” said William Inglish, CAFNR sophomore. “I have met many people that are passionate about agriculture and bettering themselves through making connections with leaders in the industry as well as the future leaders in the club.

“Members are also able to get the opportunity to go new places and see places where decisions that impact agriculture are made, places such as the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, ADM headquarters and John Deere Pavilion. There are also opportunities to meet with and get to know speakers who discuss what they do -- many of them Mizzou CAFNR graduates themselves. Opportunities like these have led me to be involved, become an officer in the club and encourage people I know to join.”