Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2017 Staff Recognition Award: Kristin Simpson

Kristin Simpson

Kristin Simpson has served as the collection manager for the Enns Entomological Museum for nearly 30 years.

In that role, Simpson processes collections, donations, and incoming and outgoing loans. She also archives entomological program literature and maintains equipment and supplies for entomology courses. Simpson is incredibly organized, as she can quickly find any preserved specimen among the 7 million in the museum.

She gives museum tours and also showcases live insects. Simpson prepares displays for numerous other events.

Simpson goes above and beyond to make visiting scientists feel at home at CAFNR. She creates a comfortable environment for those scientists, including preparing a workspace for them and providing informative literature.

“Kris lives and breathes the university’s core values of respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence, and exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding staff member,” said Robert Sites, professor of entomology. “In the current environment of downsizing, Kris has become more than just the glue, but is the go-to person for nearly any entomological question, technique, advice or outreach assistance. Faculty, staff, students and others all rely on her. She cheerfully accepts requests for her expertise that are clearly outside of what is expected of her.”

I don’t know of a more inclusive team member than Kris Simpson. Everything she does brings people together in some way, whether it’s getting undergraduates to coordinate on museum tasks, working with graduate students to teach each other how to properly prepare their specimens for the museum collection, with faculty to prepare labs and equipment for their classes, or with the public for her presentations. Whenever I need help with anything related to teaching or the museum, Kris cheerfully volunteers to do it before I can even ask.

Robert Sites, director, professor of entomology