April 11, 2019 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

2008 Outstanding Staff: Suzanne Schoonover

Suzanne Schoonover

SUZANNE SCHOONOVER, assistant director–finance in the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, has earned a stellar reputation for her service to the university in her 35 years at MU.

"She diligently applies her intelligence, skills and good judgment to her work," the nomination form reads. "Through her support to faculty, staff and students, she has made countless contributions to the excellence of the University of Missouri."

She recently announced her retirement. Her career began with the Ag Engineering Program where she was secretary to 11 professors. The activity in and out of her in-box was swift. She prepared complex manuscripts, with carbon copies, on a manual typewriter. There was no room for error with this technology and she rarely erred, the nomination form notes. As a receptionist and tour guide, her warm welcome enhanced the glowing reputation of the department. It was little surprise that she was promoted to Senior Secretary, and then reclassified as an Administrative Assistant in 1981. In that position she managed operations of the area, handling 40 accounts and personnel matters for 100 faculty, staff and students.

Schoonover interacted with Campus Facilities when the office moved to its current facilities. In 1986-1996, she served on or chaired the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee and MU Staff Development Awards Program.

In 1990, Schoonover became coordinator of a $26 million host contract with Kenya for International Agriculture. In this position, she represented CAFNR to federal agencies, participating colleges and foreign students. With an ‘open door’ policy and a ready bowl of popcorn, she continued to nurture the College’s greatest asset, the students.

Currently, she assists the director, managing a multi-million dollar budget involving external and University funds. She works with principal investigators in the development of grant and contract budgets, and designs and produces reports that regularly summarize the fiscal performance of the unit. Schoonover works with external program officers and resolves finance issues concerning budget approval, changes, indirect rates and human resources.

"Suzanne is a gifted and productive member of OSEDA," it was noted on the nomination form. "In our working relations with her, we have found her professional practice effective and solid. This kind of professionalism helps create a collegial atmosphere and positive working environment."