April 11, 2019 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

Staff Recognition Awards

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Staff Advisory Council was organized in 1986 to serve as a liaison medium for employees and administrative officers. In addition, the council provides: communication forums through newsletters and websites; staff development opportunities such as tours and seminars; and staff recognition awards for outstanding performance. Staff recognition award recipients must demonstrate outstanding ability and performance in productivity, quality of work, congeniality, judgment, dependability, initiative, leadership and dedication to the mission and values of the College. The Council commends all of this year's nominees for exemplifying the ideal CAFNR staff member. Previous award recipients are:

2018Steve Stamate
2017Kris Simpson
2016Vicki Bryan view
2015Jon Schreffler view
2014Tonya Mueller view
2014Robert Heinzview
2013Jackie England view
2013Christa Smith view
2012Eric Lawman view
2012Lonnie Dowell view
2011Linda Holsinger view
2011Dennis Russell view
2010James Hundle view
2010Michael Schaffner view
2009Stephanie Chipman view
2009Debbie Lingle view
2008John Denbigh view
2008Suzanne Schoonover view
2007Lauren Jackson view
2007Jesse J. Lyons view
2006Leslie Jett
2006Cliff Mongler
2005Bonnie Beckett
2005Tony Thorpe
2004Dan Obrecht
2004Jody Pestle
2003Cynthia Glascock
2003Thresa Chism
2002Doris Lyons
2002Randall Smoot
2001Christy Copeland
2001Melinda Poole
2000Lorna Gilliland
2000Benton Naylor
1999Dale Treece
1999Sandy Zaring
1998Carol Smith
1998Rich Wilman
1997Letitia Thomas
1997Laura Hertel


Nomination packets must be submitted by 5 p.m., March 1, 2019, to:

Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean
2-69 Agriculture Building
Attn: James Hundle

  • Staff and Faculty may nominate any employee in the College, as long as the employee meets the guidelines in the following paragraphs.
  • Nominees must have at least 6 months of continuous service and hold at least a 75 percent appointment paid by or serving in a department/unit of the College. Nominees must be non-academic staff members.
  • Describe the qualities of the nominee that characterize excellence in the area of job performance, team work and personal qualities.
    • Job performance: give examples of how the nominee has helped all areas of CAFNR achieve a higher level of success.
    • Team work: please give an example of how the nominee shows cooperation and the ability to work in a team environment.
    • Personal qualities: please give an example of how the nominee demonstrates excellent use of judgment, initiative, leadership and/or dependability.
  • Other nominee contributions and achievements the selection committee should know about.
  • Prior nominees are eligible for nomination. Previous award winners, who have won the award within the last 5 years, are not eligible for nomination. If unsure about an employee's eligibility, please contact Amanda Swaim for a complete list of winners.
  • Members of the CAFNR Staff Advisory Council are not allowed to submit nominations and are not eligible for the award during their tenure on the council.

Completed Nomination Packets Must Include:

  1. The nomination form signed by the nominator; the above criteria items attached, no longer than 2 full pages in length.

Note: Incomplete or late nominations will not be reviewed.