April 11, 2019 – Reynolds Alumni Ctr.

Frederick B. Mumford Outstanding Faculty Award

This award recognizes a College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources faculty member for a sustained record of excellence in teaching, research and/or extension/outreach. The awardee will demonstrate enthusiasm for and excellence in teaching, be a caring mentor and be viewed as an exemplary educator by both students and faculty.

The awardee will be recognized both on campus and externally for the quality and value of her or his research. This person will be successful with grants and will conduct interdisciplinary research. Their research will have contributed to the growth of knowledge and the betterment of society in Missouri and beyond.

In extension/outreach, the faculty awardee will have a program that is recognized for innovation and effectiveness. The awardee will be an outstanding communicator who collaborates with field faculty in program delivery, and will have been recognized for program excellence.


Nomination packets must be submitted by 5 p.m., March 1, 2019, to:

Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean
2-69 Agriculture Building
Attn: James Hundle

All nominees not receiving award recognition this year will be held for consideration for the following year's award.

Full-time faculty members who have been employed by the College for at least five (5) years as of January 1, 2019, may be nominated.

Completed Nomination Packets must include:

  • The Mumford Award nomination form signed by nominator; included a one page summary or letter giving examples of specific characteristics that qualify this person for this award.
  • A current resume/vitae of the nominee.

  • No less than three and no more than six support letters that provide clear indication that the nominees program reflects the concept of science and education in the public service that is embodied in the land-grant philosophy and mission of the College.

Note: Incomplete or late nominations will not be reviewed.

Selection for this award will be based on the quality of the evidence of outstanding abilities, performance, character and commitment to the land-grant philosophy.